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This blog is aimed to help everyone interested in getting a more detailed and in-depth knowledge on developing video games from a programming perspective. Learn how to architect/design your code for both performance and readability. We will deconstruct, analyze, and study technologies used in video games to better understand them, allowing you to make better decisions while developing your game.

I hope you like this blog and most of all find it useful. Feel free to post comments requesting whatever topic you are interested in learning.


Hi, I’m Willy Campos.

I was born in 1986 in beautiful Guatemala and moved to Vancouver BC, Canada in mid 2013. From an early age I started playing around with computers, and video games. Many of my first memories in life are related to video games, that’s probably where things started to snowball. I started programming in C++ when I was 15 years old and I have been highly involved with technology ever since.

I’m an Electrical Engineer with many years of passionate programming experience, from Microprocessor assembly to high level programming and scripting. I have worked with, designed, and developed Databases, Windows Applications, Datamining, Computer Vision, AI, Game Engines, Networking and a few other things. I’m most interested in Game Server and Networking technologies. I have designed, developed, and optimized entire network communication systems for video games, and a few custom chat applications. I’ve been developing video games full time since 2014, and on my own since 2004.

My two greatest passions have always been Programming and Videogames, so I find it very rewarding to work as a videogame developer, especially when it comes to Back End and Optimizations. I have experience using Unity3D with C# and UnrealEngine4 with both C++ and blueprints.

I use Arch Linux as my main OS for almost anything computer related. My most used programming languages are C++, C# and Python in both Linux and Windows.

Some things I like are: multiplayer games (duh), working-out, swimming, baseball, Math & Physics, robotics, I love Self-Directed Studying and I’m a total Meat-Lover!

I enjoy helping people, and although I don’t have all the answers I’m happy to share whatever I’ve learned so far.



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