Hello World!

Hi my name is Willy Campos and welcome to Game-Savvy.

This blog is aimed to help those wanting to make a game on their own or in small indie teams. We will deconstruct several processes of game development, analyze, and talk about the design decisions, best practices, possible bumps in the road, and many other things to consider while developing an Indie game.

I will stick to the technical design and programming details, and will not wander into either gameplay design or the business side of things, although some future suggestions may impact greatly on important budget or business decisions.

I’ll try to post at least once a week. Please note that everything in this blog will be based on my own Video Game Industry experience,  entire programming career, personal game projects, and education in the field. By no means am I suggesting that whatever is posted here is the best way  or the only way to do things.

I hope you enjoy and most of all find this blog useful. My goal is to create a roadmap to help you make important design and technical decisions and to have fun while doing this.

This is my first blog ever, so please bare with me while I become better at writing and explaining concisely.

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