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Starting a blog

Ever wanted to start writing a blog, or even wondered how to start one? I’ll share my experience and resources I used to get this one going.

If you read my Hello world post, then you already know why I started with this blog, basically to be able to help anyone interested in creating something a little more complicated than the entry level demo kind of game that most people create when starting to use a game engine like Unity or UE4.

Since I don’t really have any experience in writing blogs or anything similar to it, my whole life I’ve only written code, I needed some guidance on how to properly start a blog, what were the best or at least better options for someone that is just starting out. While browsing and searching for a tutorial or some type of guide I bumped into the Youtube channel of Simple Programmer by John Sonmez. I watched a few very interesting videos related to development, how to improve productivity, great books for developers, and several other topics. He mentions his free course on how to start your own blog.

In this course, he breaks it down step by step and sends e-mails twice a week, including instructions and some good options for starting a blog, i.e. ready made blogs like wordpress.com vs hosting your own blog with blue host using wordpress. Just so you know, I ended up choosing the latter. He also sends a lot of useful tips on how to increase traffic to your blog, and things I never even thought about like why is it such a great idea to start writing your own blog to promote yourself.

If you want to check his free course, this is the link Create-Your-Blog, highly recommended if you want to start a blog of your own.

One thing I would always recommend to anyone, is to do your research before starting anything, whether it’s a blog, a game or anything in life. You might encounter something that sounds amazing from the perspective of whoever is explaining it, but their needs may differ a lot from your own needs. Try to always make an educated decision on whatever you’re doing, learn from your own mistakes, and even better from other people’s mistakes.

Please let me know what you think about starting a blog, if this was helpful to you and/or if I could use any other resources to improve things in this blog, from my writing to themes and how to manage a website, etc.

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